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Anthony Gilmour is Whole Mind Strategies' leading Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist with over ten years’ experience in the field. Prior to this Tony was in business management and was Managing Director of an international engineering company for 5 years before getting his government accredited qualifications and setting up a private practice in Psychotherapy. Tony is the author of the book on depression and anxiety “Tragic to Magic” and gives seminar and workshops on the subject to other therapists, Doctors and support groups. You can read more about us on this page

Clinical hypnosis can help you:

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Our Quit Smoking program is 2 sessions, one week apart and a set of 2 CD’s to listen to between sessions. This gives a total of 8 sessions, but continued use of the CD’S will give more.

Visit our Quit Smoking Section.

Weight Loss

Lose Weight

Our gaining slimness program was developed by Tony Gilmour and it has been tried and tested for well over 10 years. It combine’s weight loss and life coaching into one program with the emphasis on weight loss.

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Addictions Hypnosis

End Addictions

Don’t just throw your life away Stop bringing pain to your family, friends, and most importantly yourself. We can help you with Alcohol, Drug, Food & Gambling Addictions among the others.

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Stop Anxiety

Overcome Anxiety

Tony Gilmour specialises in Anxiety and depression. He had developed a tried and proven program for changing the mind and resolving the issues. Thousands of clients have benefited from his program.

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My experience with Tony and Julie has been the feeling at last of being listened to, being understood, and immediate helpful solutions. an almost overwhelming feeling of being accepted and liked, and be able to express/ explore myself on all the issues that were of concern, a feeling of being safe and able to do so. Its now so good to be alive, i feel fabulous, fifty and very much getting fit, and getting on with life that had almost come to a complete standstill. I'm exploring/ growing and owe it all to Tony and Julie as they have shown me what I can do, and how to deal with many of the situations that before would have rendered me a mess."...–Ann

Six weeks and the panic attacks and anxiety have gone. Finally got my life back after three years of suffering. No longer on medication and feeling great. Thanks for your help Tony.–Sandra

So simple and so effective, someone who finally understood me and helped me to understand myself. I still listen to the CD’s and no longer suffer depression. My medication is no longer needed and I am enjoying life. Thanks Tony.–Steve

I enjoyed the life coaching program so much I put my staff through it. Now we are like one big happy family. –Evan