Whole Mind Strategies

A Frankston Practice Specialising in Anger Management and Anxiety Treatment

Seeking help is not a weakness, it’s a great strength. When it comes to struggling mentally and emotionally, one of the most important steps is realising you can’t do it all yourself.

Whole Mind Strategies provides unhurried and tailored anxiety treatmentanger management and more to help more Frankston patients receive the treatment and help they need.

Recognising when you might need anger management

Anger is a healthy and natural human emotion. However, if it manifests in violent, hostile or abusive ways it’s a sign you may need anger management support. At Whole Mind Strategies we support individuals struggling with temper problems, and we can help you, too.

Do I need help and treatment for my anxiety?

If you find yourself regularly plagued by racing or unwanted thoughts, restlessness, excessive worry or fear, you may struggle with anxiety. Know that you are not alone.

We help residents from Frankston and beyond with our unhurried and compassionate anxiety treatment based on the newest knowledge and practices in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.
We’re ready to help you help yourself. Reach out to us today at

Beyond anger and anxiety treatment

As Clayton’s dedicated hypnotherapy and psychotherapy practice, Whole Mind Strategies helps locals with a range of needs. Whether you need help to quit smoking, or lose weight – our services may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

We’re here to help you

Our team is dedicated to helping Frankston locals lead fuller, richer lives with our treatments and management solutions. We use our years of experience in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to tailor a treatment solution to each patient, for the best possible outcome for their situation.