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Anthony Gilmour

Anthony Gilmour is a Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist with over twenty years of experience in the field. Prior to this Tony was in business management and was Managing Director of an international engineering company for 5 years before getting his government-accredited qualifications and setting up a private practice in Psychotherapy.

Tony was also the CEO and Treasurer of the Australian Hypnotherapists association Victoria for a number of years and is a supervisor for other therapists. Although his main focus is anxiety and depression, he has also worked with a number of professional athletes and businessmen to help them realise their full potential, also giving seminars to sporting clubs and businesses.

Tony has the ability to take complex psychological concepts, simplify them and present them in a way that just seems common sense.


Tony is the author of the following books and gives seminar and workshops on the subject to other therapists, Doctors and support groups:

“Tragic to magic”

anger anxiety, depression or happiness. It’s a choice.

“Mindset of the Warrior”

Sport psychology and Bushido code. The samurai warrior code of virtues.

“Mindset of the Warrior”

Sport psychology and Bushido code. The samurai warrior code of virtues.
But as he likes to say "common sense is not that common"