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Sports Performance Anxiety Counselling in Melbourne

Many professional athletes or budding amateurs are realising that sports psychology to create that winning mind set is just as important as training the body.

Psychotherapist Tony Gilmour has worked with a number of high-profile sporting professionals in Melbourne for over 10 years developing a winning mindset. Tony has developed a sports psychology program to bring about changes at a subconscious level to improve performance and lessen anxiety through hypnosis. The program consists of 6 individual clinical hypnotherapy sessions to combat sports anxiety over a six-week period, coupled with a set of 6 sport hypnosis recordings to listen to between sessions and a set of 9 recorded tracks that can be listened to in a car. Rest assured confidentiality is assured for all our sports performance anxiety patients.

Tony’s clinical sports performance anxiety hypnosis sessions occur at his practice in Dandenong, ideal for residents in Knox, Oakleigh, Cranbourne, and the greater Melbourne area.

An experienced sports hypnotherapist who has worked with the best in their field

Tony has worked with numerous sports players in Melbourne, casual and professionals, who are looking to achieve their maximum potential in the sports they play. Some sports players he has successfully helped combat the psychology behind performance anxiety include:

  • UFC fighters
  • Boxers
  • Tennis players
  • Footballers
  • Kayakers
  • Golfers
  • Lawn bowlers
  • Basketball players
  • Martial artists

And many more.

Our Sports Anxiety Program for Melbourne

Tony’s program starts by teaching you how your mind works so you get an understanding of how we create performance anxiety, what we do, and how to set and achieve your goals. In sports, we train our mind and body through repetition until we have developed a skill or technique. This skill is trained in the subconscious mind and body until it becomes habitual. We don’t need to think about it. Our subconscious mind is processing information at 20,000,000 bits of information per second and sends messages to muscle memory to perform the skill or technique. We are not even conscious of it.

How Sports Hypnosis and Psychology Works

Let’s take the example of someone jumping up to catch a ball. First, the mind has to work out the speed of the ball, the height, the distance, and the trajectory and calculate where the best possible place will be to catch the ball. At the same time, it must be calculating the speed, height, and distance the body must move to reach that point. The mind must at the same time be sending information to just about every muscle in the body, on just the right amount of tension or release that will enable the body to take those couple of steps, jump up and bring the hands together at just the right time and with just the right amount of pressure to catch the ball. That body is one hell of a machine and that mind is one hell of a computer.

The problem is thinking. Once we bring in the conscious mind and start thinking, things like anxiety interrupt the flow of information passing between the subconscious and muscle memory. This is what’s known as the yips in golf. When athletes are off their game due to performance anxiety, it is usually a psychological issue, not a physical one.

Experienced Melbourne Sports Psychologist

Sport Psychologist Melbourne

As a certified Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Tony has helped many patients across Melbourne reach their full potential by managing their sports performance anxiety using hypnosis.

He has a local practice located within Dandenong, but regularly sees patients coming from all across the state including these locations:

Can Hypnosis Work for Sports Performance Anxiety?

Sports players need plenty of training to develop their skills, however, it is crucial that they are always in the right state of mind so that their bodies perform at their best. Should their mental state or anxiety be hindering their sports performance, whether at training or during major competitions, it can have a detrimental effect on their long-term career.

This is why it is important to address sports performance anxiety as early as possible. Sports anxiety can strike anyone at any stage of their sports career. Getting professional help and support from a Melbourne sports psychologist who is trained in performance psychology and hypnosis may relieve your performance anxiety. Whether you are on the courts, at the gym, or on the pitch, sports hypnosis can help address issues that exist within your subconsciousness.

Tony Gilmour, like other healthcare providers in Melbourne including psychologists, doctors, and psychiatrists, does not offer guarantees for his sports hypnosis services.


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