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95% of our problems are relationship problems; past relationships, present relationships or a lack of relationships. We have basic human needs of love and connection and empowerment. Empowerment is to feel we are important to people, we are listened to or that we have an influence in our lives. When relationship problems happen we start to feel unloved, disconnected and disempowered.

If you’re experiencing communication issues, relationship or marriage counselling may help. Whole Mind Strategies is a Melbourne-based psychotherapy and hypnotherapy clinic in the suburb of Dandenong. It is also nearby for couples residing in surrounding suburbs such as Berwick, Cranbourne or Knox.

Why Try Relationship or Marriage Counselling?

There are seven connecting habits we use in our communication with others. When they are used they meet our basic human needs.

There are also seven disconnecting habits of communication we use with others. When they are used on us it frustrates our basic human needs and we feel disconnected and disempowered. These are usually what we start to use on each other when the relationship is breaking down.

No two people can perceive something the same way. We think everyone should think like us and they don’t. We also have different personalities that can create conflict. Often, once the quarreling begins it becomes an eye for an eye, you hurt me so I will hurt you. An eye for an eye only leads to blindness. All the problems of the past will be dredged up amplifying the problem. Sometimes what starts out as a small misunderstanding will be amplified and magnified out of all proportions, with all the additional baggage from the past being added to it.

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for a person being upset; a breach of trust is usually the main one. People sometimes make mistakes they regret later. It’s hard to live in a relationship with someone you don’t trust. The problem needs to be resolved and trust regained for the relationship to be happy.

Sometimes it is the baggage from past relationships that create problems in current ones.

Often a single session of counseling is all that is needed to get things back on track.

Some people decide to come for individual sessions themselves if they know they have a problem and want it resolved.


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