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Hypnosis and Counselling: Anger Management in Melbourne

Everyone can get angry now and then, but when it becomes a habit of getting angry even about the smallest things it can be a problem. It can become a problem for the person and will soon affect their family and friends.

Anger comes from our basic survival mechanism of flight or fight, and anger is the fight response. The flight or fight response was good at protecting us from physical threats like wild animals, but these days it usually comes from perceived emotional threats.

Anger is all about wanting control of something or someone and the perception or the feeling of things are out of our control. We can’t even control our bodies as they age and we certainly can’t control another person. We can have an influence but we can never fully have control. Helping you understand these concepts is at the core of our anger management treatments available to the people in Cranbourne, Knox, Oakleigh, and around Melbourne.

Why Do We Need Anger Management?

We can see anger in many situations. Road rage is just wanting control over another driver’s behaviour. The golfer getting angry when the ball doesn’t go where they want it to is another example, and the angrier they get the worse the shots get. The want for control is the fear of a lack of control. The more we want to control the more we lose control.

Frustration, impatience, and annoyance all come from the want for control. We usually start off trying to suppress anger but when we suppress things they will come back with a vengeance sometime down the track, we are just creating internal pressure that can explode like a volcano over the smallest things. This is why some people find anger management completely beneficial.

Our Anger Management Program in Melbourne

Our anger management program teaches how the mind works and changes these habits over the course of 4 to 6 weeks. It can take 4 to 6 weeks to change the habit patterns of the mind. We also use clinical hypnotherapy in the sessions and a set of Hypnosis recordings to listen to each day between sessions to change the mind at a subconscious level. We also supply recordings that can be listened to in a car free of charge. We are covered by some health funds.


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