How the mind works – Imagination – Chapter four

How the mind works – Imagination – Chapter four


Image 1Our imagination fills in the gaps of perception.

We create our reality through our imagination, so what are we creating? So many people create drama in their lives because that’s what they imagine through a system of wanting. They see a lack in their lives and are left lacking. What is wrong with seeing this world as a world of adventure and comedy? It is a choice, but the habit patterns of the mind, looking for threats and wants, make it see drama, and so create drama. Do you imagine a fearful world? All too often we don’t see the imagination as a tool of creation. Many tools can be dangerous if we don’t use them properly.

Image 4

We often say our imagination runs wild but we can harness it to create the things we would like to bring into our lives. This is where we have choice. The only thing that stops us believing we have no choice is that we are sometimes stuck in the habit of wanting.

What is coming in through the senses is just information. The eyes are like cameras, the ears like microphones. Taste and smell are just chemical receptors; the skin like a mass of pressure and heat sensors. The body is an information gathering machine. We take this information and try to give it meaning, and this is where we have a choice. We have a choice how we focus our minds. In our minds, we are often filling in the gaps in sensory information through our imagination to give it meaning. An example of this could be seeing two people whispering, and imagining that they are talking about you. We can choose to focus our mind in a negative way or a positive way. But often the front wheels of the car (the way we think and act) are stuck in a rut, focusing on wants.
Image 1The positive unlimited beliefs tap into the true self and the negative limiting beliefs form our protection mechanism, the ego.