How the mind works – Conscious focus is a choice – Chapter four

How the mind works – Conscious focus is a choice – Chapter four

Conscious focus is a choice

To start to train the mind we have to understand that we have a choice in the way we focus our creative ability and reclaim our ability to choose. This can be difficult at first. The negative habits of the mind are habits and the ego is a protection mechanism. The ego doesn’t want to relinquish control. If it relinquishes control, how will you be protected? Protected from what? From irrational emotional wants that can never be satisfied? The ego tells us we have a right to be afraid, a right to be upset and a right to be angry. It can be very determined in this. It knows from past experience that we didn’t always get what we wanted.

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The problem with choosing to change is the habit patterns of the mind. As I mentioned earlier, I liken this to driving down the road on the left hand side in Australia without even thinking about it. Try driving down the right hand side in America and see how uncomfortable it can be. It takes us out of our comfort zone and our comfort zone is the limit of our positive beliefs. So it will be uncomfortable when we first start making these changes – and that’s fine. As you expand your comfort zone you are growing and evolving. Our lives should be a continuous process of expanding and evolving. But all too often we find our comfort zones shrinking or contracting.