Is there a Law of Attraction? – Chapter Twenty

Is there a Law of Attraction? – Chapter Twenty

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Love is the true law of attraction.


I was always of the opinion that what we bring into our world is the result of our thinking and, in turn, action – cause and effect. There is much said these days about the law of attraction – the universe rearranging itself as a result of what we hold in our minds, or the thoughts we put out. The biggest problem I had with this concept was just how could you prove it?


Cellular Biologist Bruce Lipton, in his book Biology of Belief, answered a few questions for me with regard to this. He states in his book that quantum physicists have discovered that physical atoms are made of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating. Each atom has its own specific energy signature and assemblies of atoms and molecules, collectively radiate their own identifying energy patterns. He suggests that every material structure in the universe including each of us human beings has its own unique energy structure. So, atoms are made up of invisible energy not tangible matter. Quantum physics reveals that the universe is an integration of interdependent energy fields that are interwoven in a network of interactions. Further, Bruce Lipton states that our thoughts and subconscious beliefs are also energy that will have an effect on our body at a cellular level. His book is well worth a read.

Working as a psychotherapist, and using clinical hypnotherapy to change limiting beliefs at a subconscious level, this just made sense to me. I was taught, and have accepted through experience, that the subconscious belief system is the root cause of many of our problems, both mental and often physical. We can now understand how a person unknowingly taking a placebo (sugar pill) can bring positive results to their health through only the use of the belief system.

If this universe is an integration of interdependent energy fields that are interwoven in a mesh of interactions, then it would make sense that thoughts and beliefs might also affect what is going on outside the body as well as inside the body. The following story about a client turned my old thinking as to the law of attraction upside down.

A fifty six year old woman came to see me one day. She had booked an appointment for hypnotherapy. She told me that at the age of seventeen she was living in Perth. She had met a man and become pregnant. She became afraid of a possible lack of support being away from home, and returned to Melbourne to be with her family where she gave birth to a baby girl. Two years later she discovered the child’s father was living in Adelaide and took her daughter to meet him. He wanted her to stay but again, feeling afraid and insecure, she left. He was living with another woman at the time. She hadn’t seen him since that day. She thought it was time her daughter got to meet her father and was trying to track him down. All she could find, even using a private detective, was that someone thought they had seen him at Sydney Casino two years earlier. She gave me his name and said he was of Maltese decent and older than she. She also mentioned he liked to gamble. She then asked me to try to uncover forgotten memories from that time, his date of birth etc. through hypnosis.

I must admit I wasn’t confident a regression would bring up anything of value. While under hypnosis she wouldn’t go back to that point in time – she said it was too painful. She also said she realised she had other issues to deal with and wanted to continue therapy to resolve these. She told me she knew she would find him but thought she must have been drawn to see me for a different reason. We resolved her issues over the next few months. Mid-way through the sessions she came in one day quite happy and said she was off to Sydney at the weekend with her daughter to find him. I asked if the private detective had come up with anything and she said no. But she said she knew she would find him. I expected she and her daughter would have a nice weekend away together but I thought it would be impossible to find him.

At the following week’s appointment she came in smiling. I asked how the weekend had gone and was told she had found him on the first day. She then happily went on to produce photographs of the three of them together on the weekend. I asked how she had found him and she said; I just knew I would. I knew then that there had been no doubt in her mind. No fear of not finding him. My first thought was how could this be possible? I sat amazed as she told me of the weekend away.

They had travelled to Sydney and gone straight to the Casino – the last place she thought he had been seen two years earlier. They looked around for a few hours before asking a worker there if he knew of an area in Sydney where Maltese people might congregate. She was told about a strip of coffee shops. Heading off to this area she proceeded to go from coffee shop to coffee shop asking if they knew of anyone with his name. At one coffee shop she was told that someone with that first name came in but wasn’t that regular although he had been that morning – they didn’t know his second name. She asked if there was a gambling place close by and was told there was a betting shop around the corner.

Walking in to the betting shop she turned to her daughter and said ‘that’s your dad walking into the toilets.’ She recognised him from the back. Her daughter said she wasn’t going to stand around while her mother made a fool of herself and went for a coffee. When he returned from the toilet he was talking to someone who noticed her looking at him and mentioned it to him. He turned around and went white as a sheet. She said to him ‘I have brought your daughter to meet you.’

He was now sixty one and married with two grown children. She was fifty six and her daughter was thirty nine. They hadn’t seen or heard from each other for thirty seven years and she had recognised him from the back. He had been twenty one when they met and twenty three the last time they saw each other. The other interesting thing is that he had spent most of these years in Melbourne, not that far from where she lived.

What were the odds of finding him? Sydney has a population of over 4.5 million people. He could have been in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney. He could have been living in a country town or outer suburbs. A lot of people don’t live until they are sixty. How many coffee shops and betting shops are there in Sydney? The list and the odds go on. She found him in less than six hours. I doubt that even the police, with his name and approximate age and a range of sophisticated computers, could have accomplished this. I would have thought she would have had more chance of winning the lotto three weeks in a row than of finding him in less than six hours!

Is there a law of attraction? Some who push this law of attraction theory say you need to hold in your mind what you want to attract – but isn’t a want a fear of lack? Surely you will be left lacking? If there is a law of attraction (and I am not sure there is) it is the knowing without doubt – the belief that creates it. Let me try it now. I know this book will be published and I know you will be reading it. Did it work?

It is an interesting thought: an elegant, intelligent universe and we are all co-creators in it. I can’t say if the above story is proof of the law of attraction or just remarkable coincidence. I can say that every breath you take is a gift of life to be cherished. You would not be bothered with the trivial things in life with just one breath to go. We enter this world with nothing and leave with nothing. All you really leave behind is a footprint of the love you have given – this is your legacy and it lives on long after you have gone. If you live life through your heart with love and compassion for others it will be returned ten-fold. This is what you will attract. Whose life is richer? A man with his heart filled with love or a man with his pocket filled with coin? I doubt that a man on his deathbed would be wishing he had more money in the bank. He might be wishing he had more love in his life – when it is all too late. It costs nothing to love now and love is something you can only give, not get. In giving love you attract love (You can prove this law of attraction!) It then returns with abundance. If there is a universal law of attraction then let love be your priority. If we all focused on this, what a wonderful world it would be. All material things are really immaterial in comparison to love. A person living with love and compassion for others is truly the most attractive person of all – and probably the happiest and therefore the most successful. I think by now you will understand that a life without some sort of ethical and moral discipline will not be a happy life. Through  an ethical moral life you meet your needs. Without it you will frustrate them. Life is not easy, it takes courage to be strong in what is right and wrong. Being strong in what you want is not being strong in what you need. It is a small point but makes an enormous difference in your perspective of life – To your ego, or to your true self. Be true to yourself. Without it you are nothing of any substance, because the ego is nothing more than irrational fears. Nothing more than scary shadows on a wall to a child.